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Spend More Time Closing Deals Rather Than Prospecting

Spend More Time Closing Deals Rather Than Prospecting

Become a smart B2B player through these simple yet effective ways leading to higher deal closures.

Sales prospecting is an important part of B2B business. Simply put, sales prospecting refer are the methods that are used to look for new customers or businesses. Logically, since this is the starting point of future sales, and consequently, sales linked revenues, this becomes extremely important

Since the importance of sales prospecting is high, the amount of time salespersons of a company spend on sales prospecting is also high. However, there is a need to make the most of the time your salespersons spend on sales prospecting through smart inbound and outbound marketing techniques that pave way for a rich sales funnel. Here is how you can do that:

Switch from cold calling to warm calling

Many times, salespersons spend a considerable amount of time for lead generation through cold calling. It is time you convert these cold calls to warm calls. You can create your own database of prospective customers using particular demographics that work best for your business. Use this information for the purpose of establishing the first contact with your customers. You can even buy databases suitable for your needs and use them to generate leads.

Build credibility

Most of your customers will be bombarded with a barrage of calls on any given day. So, how do you manage to break the clutter and make a mark for yourself? This can happen only and only if you build credibility through knowledge in your interactions with your prospective customer. Your sales pitch must always be loaded with information that is useful for the customer and offers a solution to his problems. Talking about laurels and accolades is passé!

Rely on trust associations

Your salespersons must be well trained and sufficiently equipped to handle problems of the customers and provide an answer to their queries. Rather than looking at growth through unknown leads, it is better to grow your customer database through referrals. A satisfied customer will always have a good feedback about your company and this will automatically help in creating the ‘first impressions’ on the prospective customers.

The process of engaging referrals must be a constant one and should be looked at as a lead nurturing activity. This will ensure that the top, middle and the bottom of the sales funnels are always full.

In addition to these simple methodologies, the market intelligence and awareness also makes a lot of difference in the impact you make on your customer. Remain active on social media platforms and engage in webinars and online forums in a constructive manner. While all these activities may seem intangible when it comes to measuring results, they have an established role to play in the recall value of your brand/business.


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