Toxic Culture at workplace

Toxic Culture at workplace

As most people spend the majority of their awake hours working, it is extremely important to enjoy what you do, where you work and who you work for and with.

Company culture is the combination of people, vision and values that ultimately defines the atmosphere in the workplace and shapes how much you enjoy coming to work. A great company culture will attract top talent, while a poor culture will repel good people. Corporate culture, in essence, is the spirit of the people.

Truth is, it determines how well the company does over time. If the culture is not good, the company may have a good year or two, but it’ll be struggling and will not enjoy good results on a consistent basis. Our culture, at The TactTree includes communication down and up, people development, ideas flowing up, teamwork and collaboration, diversity, flexibility, and our managers’ leadership.

Culture is embodied in the core mission, values, beliefs, and style of the management team. Culture is executed through our policies, practices, and interactions between employees, customers, and business partners.

Our employees feel it through compensation decisions, talent sourcing, available resources, work environment, investment in professional development, and emphasis on quality and ethics.

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