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Powerpoint Tips for B2B sales & Marketing Power Users

Unleash the power that PowerPoint holds and impress all the way with your presentations. Here are some handy tips.

PowerPoint is a very important and powerful tool that your sales teams can use. It may appear very easy and casual, but actually the way it is perceived professionally is that either you can really do it well or really bad. When you are preparing a presentation, there is always an underlying objective to it. You have to ensure that all […]

It’s time to Ditch Cold Calling

Cold calls are turning to warm calls which in turn are leading to successful lead conversions. Here is all that you want to know to make this transition.

Internet has really changed the world for the better! All types of businesses have become simpler and people have become approachable. If we specifically talk about B2B businesses, then we can easily say that finding prospects and linking with them has become much easier than what it was. However, competition has increased, […]

Boost your Prospecting With This 6-Step Approach

Sales prospecting, if done in the right way, can really work wonders for your company. These 6 keys to sales prospecting will show you how!

Sales prospecting is a concept that many marketers think comes naturally to sales professionals. In simple terms, lead generation is the least of the expectations from the Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). However, much is not said about with respect to this aspect in their training sessions.

To elaborate, sales professionals are trained how to strike conversations […]