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Boost your Prospecting With This 6-Step Approach

Boost your Prospecting With This 6-Step Approach

Sales prospecting, if done in the right way, can really work wonders for your company. These 6 keys to sales prospecting will show you how!

Sales prospecting is a concept that many marketers think comes naturally to sales professionals. In simple terms, lead generation is the least of the expectations from the Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). However, much is not said about with respect to this aspect in their training sessions.

To elaborate, sales professionals are trained how to strike conversations with their prospects. However, a key aspect that is missed out is handling conflict during such conversations. The latter situation is actually baffles the sales reps.

A simple solution to this problem is using the tried and tested technique AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. These are the signs that one has to look for – grab the attention of the prospect, gauge its interest level, understand his desire and take appropriate action. This is easier said than done. These six methodical steps will enable you to go in the right direction for successful sales prospecting:

  1. Hygienic Lists: Many SDRs who are in a hurry to prove themselves often forget the basics – their prospect list. Remember, this is the foundation, and only strong foundations can withstand turbulent weathers. It is this list that is most important to reach out to your ‘real’ customers. Pruning of the list and periodic revision, whether in-house or outsourced, is extremely important.
  1. Understanding Perspectives: Many sales representatives make the mistake of giving out their sales pitch to the prospects without really understanding their need. The correct approach is to understand the perspective of your consumer, and modify your sales pitch accordingly, so that he can see the value that you can add to him. Providing a solution to their problem is the best value to show your sensitivity to your prospect. Do not be in a hurry to sell your product. The trust of the customer matters much more. Once you gain their trust, the sales will follow automatically.
  1. Custom Made Solutions: As sales representatives, you must understand your product in and out. When you are giving your sales pitch, you must always present the offer in such a way that is appears to be custom made for your customer. This does depend on the kind of product that you are offering, since some products like financial solutions may not provide you with this flexibility. However, for other products like softwares, instruments or daily use products, your must highlight the use that may be most attractive to your customer.
  1. No Fake Promises: Integrity in doing business is of utmost importance. Never use tricks, shortcuts or make fake promises. They may yield short term gains, but are detrimental in the long run.
  1. Multiple ‘touches’: Prospects are of various types. Some of them are happy with less amount of interaction while some of them expect many ‘touches’ or interactions with you. Depending on your product, you should be liberal in providing these ‘touch points’. You may also rope in some more members of your team to collectively address all the issues/question of your prospect.
  1. Different types of touches: There are different types of touches like cold calling, emailing, appointment setting etc. that you may provide to a prospect. There is no known formula of what works to warm up your prospects, so depending on his acceptability; you may keep trying them periodically.

Using this approach and methodology, you are bound to see the difference in your sales prospecting. Increased sales prospecting also helps in keeping the pipeline ready and your sales employees motivated. So, it is a win-win at all times!

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