HR Chatbots – And why is it important for your Business

The way we work and communicate is changing more rapidly than we can comprehend. The increasing pace of digitising systems and processes has resulted in optimisation of operations and execution in almost every domain, and it looks like things are just getting started.

One such tool that has shown immense potential and is pegged to revolutionise the way businesses interact with customers and employees are chatbots.

Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs that conduct conversations. Chatbots are changing the world of HR. They […]

Powerpoint Tips for B2B sales & Marketing Power Users

Unleash the power that PowerPoint holds and impress all the way with your presentations. Here are some handy tips.

PowerPoint is a very important and powerful tool that your sales teams can use. It may appear very easy and casual, but actually the way it is perceived professionally is that either you can really do it well or really bad. When you are preparing a presentation, there is always an underlying objective to it. You have to ensure that all […]

Spend More Time Closing Deals Rather Than Prospecting

Become a smart B2B player through these simple yet effective ways leading to higher deal closures.

Sales prospecting is an important part of B2B business. Simply put, sales prospecting refer are the methods that are used to look for new customers or businesses. Logically, since this is the starting point of future sales, and consequently, sales linked revenues, this becomes extremely important

Since the importance of sales prospecting is high, the amount of time salespersons of a company spend on sales […]